Neil Peart Vs. Air Drummer - "Tom Sawyer" - ADVENTURES OF POWER

Ari Gold meets Rush's Neil Peart on the fields of air drum war playing "Tom Sawyer"!

Ari Gold makes Guinness World Record Book for AIR DRUMMING

This actually happened. Air-drumming makes it into the Guinness Book!

Chi Chiu Ling - Shaolin Kung Fu (Full) from AOP w/ Tim & Eric (Deleted Scene)

Chiu Chi Ling ("Kung Fu Hustle") fights Tim & Eric in "Adventures of Power", while an air-drum pervert watches! Full-length version!

Metallica - Battery + Master of Puppets (Mashup) Lars Ulrich: Air Drums in SF

Air-drums versus air-guitar in a Metallica Mashup with "Battery" meets "Master of Puppets" on the streets of San Francisco, where Metallica first played The Stone!

Hot for Teacher - Van Halen

"Hot For Teacher" by Van Halen, live air-drum version by Power in Oulu, Finland!

Neil Peart of Rush talks with Ari Gold

Neil Peart of Rush talks with Ari Gold about music education, deafness, brain development and air-drumming, to celebrate the release of "Adventures of Power."

Adrian Grenier on Cribs

Adrian Grenier on MTV's Cribs!  Okay, it's actually Adrian as Dallas Houston in "Adventures of Power". Come here, go away.

Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench

Ejected from the air-guitar competition for playing air-drums, Power tries to play all the instruments at once to show who's a real man and who's a monkey.

"Adventures of Power" Depression Trailer

"Adventures of Power" starring Ari Gold, Adrian Grenier, Michael McKean, Jane Lynch, Nick Kroll, Shoshannah Stern, Steven Williams, Chiu Chi Ling, Neil Peart and more. The 1932 depression era version!

"Pump Up the Jam" - Teknotronic

Power pumps up the jam in New Jersey. AKA Power gets pumped!

Air Drum Kung Fu

Thanks Steve Gadd, Walter Becker, Donald Fagen, and Air Guitar USA for hosting this chaos. Air Drum Kung Fu!

Adrian Grenier Sings Country For Ari Gold

Adrian Grenier sings Ethan Gold's country-meets-pop-punk-meets-hip-hop song "A Little Like You" from Ari Gold's "Adventures of Power".

Jane Lynch and Michael McKean - Adventures Of Power

Jane Lynch, Michael McKean and more in this deleted scene from the air-drumming epic "Adventures of Power".

Motley Crue - Tommy Lee Spinning Air Drum Solo - Tommy Lee Dream w/ Power!

Motley Crue's spinning drum set, as imagined by Power for Tommy Lee!

The History of Germany According To An Air Drummer

Berlin will never be the same.

YYZ - Rush - Full Song w/ Air Drums!!

Air-guitar in Berlin learns about the evil genius of Neil Peart's YYZ drum part.

Jane Lynch Cereal Fight - Adventures of Power

Jane Lynch in the full version of this scene inspired by my aunt Lucy. Hi Lucy! It was fun living in your basement!

IMPOSSIBLE FANTASY Trailer - Adventures Of Power - Adrian Grenier, Jane Lynch

Ethan Gold's Styx-inspired hit "Impossible Fantasy" tells the story of the working man!

"Pastures Of Plenty" - Woody Guthrie - Ramblin' Jack Elliot

The immigrants, the emigrants, and the modern American dustbowl.

Air Drumming to Let It Whip by Dazz Band - Whip it Baby w/ Let it Whip Lyrics + Air Drums!

The Dazz Band's "Let it Whip" by the air-drum master, Power, in "Adventures of Power" with Jane Lynch, Michael McKean, Nick Kroll, Adrian Grenier, and more.

Kyrie - Mr. Mister - Extreme Power Version!

The original Power video that started it all, now in beautiful 1983 color!

Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight - Air Drums!!!

"In the Air Tonight" air drums! Phil Collins air-drumming comes to violence in the scene that inspired "The Hangover".

Epic Air Drumming in Mexico

Kick-ass metal by Brujeria & Asesino inspired this epic air-drum battle in "Adventures of Power" featuring the song "Cerealismo" by Ethan Gold.

Message For USA From Jersey

A message to the USA from the armpit of the nation.

Nick Kroll & Power Saves the Music Auction

Nick helped save the music for our charity auction, Power Saves the Music!

"Cow" Bonus Song From Adventures of Power!

We found Mike Sophia at an open mic, and he had to be in the movie, so he was!

Tom Sawyer - RUSH w/ Lyrics + Air Drums, Not Air Guitar!!

The first public appearance of Power the air-drummer. He almost wins the air-guitar competition, but loses on a technicality - he plays air drums.

Shoshannah Stern, Sign Language and Adventures of Power

The lovely Shoshannah Stern gives an ASL intro to air-drum extravaganza "Adventures of Power", plus bonus scene The Bird! 

No One Knows - Queens of The Stone Age

Dr. Shemelsky and Power play "No One Knows" by Queens of the Stone Age, in Berlin.

Air Drummer Plays Terry Bozzio's Set

The world's largest drum set. The world's greatest air-drummer. And Terry Bozzio teaches.

Air Guitar!! Not Air Drums! Jeffery Osborne & Brian May - Stay With Me Tonight w/ Lyrics

"Stay With Me Tonight" wows the air-guitar judges, as air-drummer Power air-guitars just to prove he can. With shorts.

FRED Learns to Airdrum with Power

Half a million Fred fans can't be wrong.  

Marky Ramone of The Ramones Performs with the Honey Brothers

Even Marky Ramone is an air-drummer. (Watch carefully). Here he's backed by The Honey Brothers!

Lucas Gets Kidnapped!

Lucas plays himself, but wearing Power's shirt. Air-drumming saves the day.

Nick Kroll auf Deutsch

Nick Kroll speaks German in the dubbed version of "Adventures of Power."

Neil Peart On the News

Neil, Adrian and Ari talk air drumming.

Chad Smith Air Drums! (Best Buy Girl?)

Wendy McColm introduces the "Power Saves the Music" air drum competition with Drum Channel.

POWER SAVES THE MUSIC - Auction for Music Education

Power Saves the Music auction is launched!

Led Zeppelin Air Drums

Moby Dick in New Mexico from !

Moving Pictures - YYZ - Rush Power

Power goes to Toronto airport to be a part of Moving Pictures.

Cobus | Hanging out with Ari Gold

Ari and the cover drum king, Cobus.

"Adventures of Power" Music Charity

Power's music charity pays off - see the kids learning music!

Power Powers the Power in Newark

Power's rap and basketball skills are put to the test.

Ari Gold and Metallica in Spain

People like Metallica in Spain, so I air-drummed some.

Stravinsky - Rite of Spring - Air Drums - #ritenpr - Air Drumming

Stravinsky needed some air drums too!

Blue Collar Man - Styx (no sticks)

Todd Sucherman (Styx) enjoys Power's air-drumming at a drum convention. The people there to see Todd Sucherman do not. "Blue Collar Man" indeed.

Judas Priest - Hell Bent for Leather w/ Lyrics & Air Drums! Judas Priest Air Drumming Video

Hell Bent indeed.  Beware of devil music!

Air Drummer Girls - Bow Wow Wow - "C30 C60 C90 Go"

Hit like a girl!  Meaning kick ass.

Aventuras de Power - Subtitulado en Español - Especial del Director- Pélicula Entera !!

Aventuras de Power - Subtitulado en Español - Especial del Director- Pélicula Entera !!

"Turn Me Loose" - Loverboy - (Air Drums!)

Mike Reno and the boys teach us how to live. Crossing borders and changing lives!

Neil Peart Interview with Ari Gold - Rush / Adventures of Power

Neil Peart (Rush) talks with Ari Gold (Adventures of Power) about air-drumming, music education, drums, brain development, and more, in this interview at Drum Channel!