I'm a writer, director, producer, & actor focused on musical, ecological & spiritual subjects. My new film "The Song of Sway Lake" features Rory Culkin, Robert Sheehan, Mary Beth Peil, Elizabeth Peña, Isabelle McNally, Jack Falahee, Brian Dennehy, John Grant, and The Staves. It will be playing festivals in the latter part of 2017.


A new feature and episodic series are also in the works. This fall I'm directing an Alejandro Jodorowsky-commanded sequel to my student Oscar-winning short film "Helicopter".


As director, I made the cult comedy "Adventures of Power" ("One of the funniest films in recent years" - NY Magazine), and dozens of award-winning shorts and videos that have played festivals from Sundance to Bangkok. I founded Power Saves the Music, which provides free music education for disadvantaged children. My most recent art piece was a bicycle-powered installation about oil which has played at museums in Spain, Colombia, Texas and Germany.


I act in movies when friends ask me to. "Another Earth" for example, and a new German movie where I get to wear a sweater vest. I won “Stoner of the Year” from High Times Magazine for my performance in the Sony Classics release "Groove."  Feel free to read that again. I’m also in the Guinness Book of World Records for leading the largest ever air-drum ensemble on earth!  Plus here I am in an ad for the Norwegian railway. So that's my acting career. I'm also in my own movies, because I sleep with myself.


I was raised in San Francisco, enjoying my dad Herbert Gold's tales of the city, and have lived at various times in New York, Los Angeles, New Mexico, Montana, Germany and Serbia. I sing in the band The Honey Brothers (with Adrian Grenier) and Gold Brothers (with my twin brother Ethan) and play ukulele, piano and sometimes drums.


My name was, uh, "borrowed" by a TV show, and this was my response.