A tale about two beautiful bros mourning the death of Microsoft's email program (Entourage, 2000-2010, RIP).


A Film By Ari Gold

Directed by Ari Gold and Louis Arogant

Conceived by The Gold Brothers

Music by Ethan Gold with vocals by Louis Arogant




I'm not the only Ari Gold on earth, but I am the best dancer.


People have been asking me for years how much I was paid for giving my name to my friend Adrian's TV show, or conversely, whether I was re-named retroactively by my mother to capitalize on the show. First answer: nothing (they didn't ask my permission); second answer: you are not a smart person.


As for Entourage, it was a Microsoft email client for Mac. My brother Ethan Gold wrote a song about it, and Spacehog's Louis Arogant, Haroula Rose and I made a video. Louis sang and the real-life dance-pop sensation Ari Gold (now going by Sir Ari Gold) gave us some backing-track dance floor emoting. An organic chef named Ari Gold sent good vibes from Portland. And a bunch of friends not named Ari Gold came out and made a video, which is about as coincidentally similar to Avicii & Aloe Blacc's "Wake Me Up" as the name "Ari Gold" is similar to my given name. In other words, a lot similar. I recognized the "Wake Me Up" locations from my movie Adventures of Power so I went back to lovely Piru, California to tell this tale of two beautiful brothers on a quest to find out the meaning of Ari Gold and Entourage. There's a message in it for all of us.





Produced by Haroula Rose, Ari Gold, Louis Arogant

Edited by Louis Arogant & Ari Gold



Anthony Greenfield as the beautiful bro, Sven

Saxon as the little bro, puppeteered by Mr. Jared Ramirez

With guest appearances by Ari Gold as DJ AG Aricii, Mickael De Cinno & Jared Ramirez as the "new bros" and the "anti-bros", and Michelle as the singer.  Partiers and passersby include Sarah Gail Armstrong, Amber Richey, Robert Sheehan, Sofia Boutella, Haroula Rose, Mika Wendy Sam, Dovelie Lovelie, Vera Wu, Ryanne White, Aaron Shorter, and others please contact me and I'll add you here because I can't find the sign-up sheet.  Thank you for drinking all my beer.



Music written & produced by Ethan Gold

Lyrics by Ethan Gold, Ari Gold, & Louis Arogant

Vocals by Louis Arogant

Backing emotion vocals by Sir Ari Gold

Harmony vocals by Ethan Gold

Engineered by John Hiler

Remixed by Reza Safinia


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Watch videos for my band with Adrian Grenier here, or my revolutionary spiritual air-drumming feature film here.  And if you can't get enough "Entourage," I hear there's another movie out besides mine.  Bill Gates is suing Warner Brothers for copyright infringement, and I'm happy to take his calls and discuss next steps. I feel your pain, brother.